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True American Landscapes was established in February 2011.We have over ten years of landscaping experience, and a lead arborist with over 40 years experience . With our team of resources we know how to get it done right! We believe there are still good, honest, hard working American companies out there who know how to get a great job done right and deliver what they promise.

We are such a Company!

Our business philosophy is simple.

We know our customers are what make us a business. We LOVE our customers. We think highly of your opinions and what you think of us. We want to show you we are willing to do what it takes to create a fair and honest business. We have taken many measures so you know what to expect from us. These are a few of those measures.

Our Mission!

Our mission is to provide customers with the satisfaction of having a company they can trust and depend on. With pride and quality we strive to exceed our customers expectations. With experience and knowledge we will offer the most efficient way to build, maintain, and control your dream landscape. We strive to always provide the best service our customers demand and love. Our mission is simply to provide customers with another friendly, hard working, innovative American company that will get the job done right and provide years of sanctuary, peace and enjoyment!


Communication is how we plan to show what we can be for you, and cater to your specific needs. We obey the law and only hire legal Americans and fluent English speaking employees who pass our background check. This is to help ensure safety, quality work and great experiences for our customer.

Getting It Done!

We are growing as fast as customers spread the word. This means we are beginning to become extremely busy. However; we will fit you in and get your service done correctly and in a timely manner. Efficiency is a top priority for us. Our team is extremely efficient and reliable with keeping our schedule.

Customer and Environment Security

With Landscaping having many variables that could potently be dangerous, we try to work as safe as possible. From eco friendly chemicals that are safer for pets and children to marking hazardous gas and electrical service lines we take the proper precautions to guarantee a safe and clean environment. We also take precautions to have cleaner and more efficient machines .Some machines are up to 69% cleaner than standard EPA regulations. We always strive to keep emissions as low as possible with our equipment and help achieve a cleaner environment.